Hosted Desktop is very secure. Have you ever wondered about the security of the data when you send an Excel Sheet from your local computer to someone else? The fact is in most cases the files can be “sniffed” and contents read. This is simply due to the fact that the connection from your ISP is not encrypted.
With Hosted Desktop the connection is always going to be encrypted even between your ISP and the Hosted Desktop that you would have with us. When a user connects to the Hosted Desktop the connection is established via a 2048 bit RSA encryption method. Apps4Rent has deployed an SSL so as to ensure that the connection is secure from the users location to Hosted Desktop servers.
Apps4Rent employs advanced security systems in place to safeguard data. The entire infrastructure is hosted in SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers in New York and New Jersey. The entire network in encapsulated under enterprise grade firewall with CISCO ASA and along with IPS system in place to thwart any intrusion.

Data backup is automatically performed once per day.

Anti-Virus and Firewall are installed on each virtual desktop. You will not be able to disable them.

Apps4Rent takes weekly full and daily incremental backups. These backups run nightly. During any disaster scenario, we will be able to provide you with the backups which we have.