Microsoft vs Citrix Virtualization

Apps4Rent offers virtual desktops that are built with virtualization technologies of two leading vendors-Microsoft and Citrix. Our virtual desktops are provided in two modes – dedicated and session-based. Dedicated desktops are more suitable for installation of custom applications, while session-based desktops come with preset applications but better utilize the underlying resources. You could choose either of the solutions based on your requirement. There are a few differences between Microsoft and Citrix virtual desktops, the core difference is how they are virtualized, how desktops are streamed to end user’s devices, and the overall user experience. Here is what each of them stands for.

Microsoft VDI:

Microsoft VDI uses RemoteFX to stream virtual desktops to end user’s devices. Lately, RemoteFx has upped its game and has closed the gap with Citrix XenDesktop. To access a Microsoft virtual desktop, you do not need an additional application from a Windows PC. Virtual desktops can directly be accessed using the native RDP client. To access these virtual desktops from a Mac you could download an RDP client from Microsoft which is available in iTunes. Similarly, you could download the RDP tool from Google PlayStore for ChromeBook or Android based devices. Linux devices too have RDP clients which are available. If your activity is not graphic-intensive or multimedia-intensive, then our Microsoft virtual desktops are the best way forward. Also, when compared to Citrix offerings they are less expensive because of the difference in licensing costs.

Citrix VDI:

Citrix has a long history with virtualization technologies. Citrix uses its proprietary HDX technology to stream desktops to your devices. The way HDX algorithm streams the desktops, it still has an edge over competing streaming technologies. This technology uses lesser bandwidth to deliver the desktops; consequently they seem faster. The credit goes to HDX. So Citrix is better, but it comes with a higher price when compared to Microsoft virtual desktop offerings. This is due to an additional layer of Citrix licensing. Besides, the RemoteFX has closed the gap, so a Citrix Desktop may be an overkill if one is looking for just a normal desktop experience. However, Citrix’s product is certainly worth it, if you use graphic intensive applications or rich multimedia or to play games. If use applications like Adobe Photoshop or play games, then Citrix virtual desktop is the way to go. If you use a desktop for office related activities then you are better off with the economical Microsoft virtual desktop. To enjoy the full experience of what Citrix can deliver, you will need to install Citrix Receiver on your desktop/device. Citrix Receiver is available for all types of desktops and devices.

Feature Microsoft Citrix
OS which is bundled Windows 8.1 Look and Feel via Windows 2012 Server Windows 8.1 Look and Feel via Windows 2012 Server
  Windows 7 Look and Feel via Windows 2008 R2
Type of Environment Hosted Virtual Desktops Hosted Virtual Desktops
  Dedicated Virtual Desktops Dedicated Virtual Desktops
Methods to Access Desktop Browser Browser via Citrix Receiver
  RDP Client RDP Client
Graphics Enhancement via RemoteFX Citrix HDX
Optimized for Typical Desktop Experience for Day-to-Day Tasks Enhanced High-level Graphics/Multimedia Experience
  Simple Office Applications Simple Office applications
  Watching Movies and Animations Watching Movies and Animations
  Custom Line-of-Business Applications Custom Line-of-Business applications
    Enhanced High-level Graphics/Multimedia Experience
    Graphic Intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop; AutoCAD
    Graphics or Multimedia Editing Applications
Accessible from Desktops with any Operating System Desktops with any Operating System
  Laptops with any Operating System Laptops with any Operating System
  Chromebook Chromebook
  Handheld Devices like iPhones/Android Devices and Others Handheld Devices like iPhones/Android Devices and Others
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