We Know the Healthcare Domain Better

The healthcare industry and its settings are just ideal for the use of Virtual Desktops – you have doctors that need to keep moving from one room to another, working on different computers from different locations as per their roster and situations. Hospital employees too need to share workstations to access and use different applications in their line of work. Whether it’s sharing or switching computers, there is always bound to be a certain amount of inconvenience, not to mention the additional time consumption. And then there are the various regulations that would prohibit the likes of shared accounts and other workarounds for ease of use. Patient data security and confidentiality is yet another critical consideration that needs the full attention of the internal IT head. Besides, the newer healthcare software keep getting hungrier in terms of processing power and upgrading the hardware often to catch up is a real expensive proposition. For these and several other reasons, the healthcare industry is transitioning to Virtual Desktops and reaping even more benefits by combining them with single sign-on and automated access control solutions.

Apps4Rent, a pioneer and leader in cloud hosted technologies for more than a decade, offers the perfect Virtual Desktops for the healthcare industry – these work great with all the top industry software like NextGen Practice Management, Athena Collector, eClinical Works’ Practice Management, Horizon Practice Plus, MediTouch, Scheduflow, Kareo, PrognoCIS, and many more. Apart from the HealthCare management applications, our Virtual Desktops also help you take your day-to-day software like MS Office to the cloud so that you have everything you need at one location.

Doctors and staff can get secure access to patient information and records through any device of their choice like a PC, Mac, Laptop, Notebook, Slate, Tablet, or even a Smartphone. They can access and work from anywhere, anytime, just using a browser. Our Virtual Desktops allow for imposing granular controls to enforce stringent policy adherence to fulfill compliances like HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 code sets, SNOMED-Ct, HITECH, ANSI 5010, and more. In terms of running things smoothly, the virtual CPUs and RAM in our Virtual Desktops put a great deal of processing power in your hands, a lot more than what any healthcare software would need.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops for the Healthcare Industry

  • check Ideal for doctors/nurses/technicians/care providers
  • check Access from hospital, care center, home, or in transit
  • check Proves compliant with all the healthcare regulations
  • check Assures total security and integrity of patient data
  • check Perfect for managing charts, schedules, billings, claims
  • check Anywhere, anytime convenient access to all records
  • check Cost savings that allow spends in other core initiatives
  • check Guaranteed uptime, 24 x7 support on phone/chat/email


Our Virtual Desktops for healthcare are offered from state-of-the-art SSAE16 Type II certified datacenters in US that secure healthcare data to comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and Data Protection Laws. Our entire infrastructure is further secured by CISCO ASAs with IPS enablement. All data on the virtual desktop stays centralized, secure, automatically backed up, and is available to you on demand.

Save on Costs

The choice of Virtual Desktops is highly cost-effective as well since you pay per user and not per machine. You also get the flexibility to add or delete users incrementally without needing to invest in hardware. Virtual Desktops are agile and you can create a new user in a matter of minutes and give the level of access you choose.

24 x 7 Support

As regards expert support, our technical team comprising Microsoft-certified senior professionals is available 24 x 7 to you on phone, live chat, and email to solve any issues you might have with the Virtual Desktops. They understand how healthcare applications behave and how they are used by you in your profession. Apps4Rent is a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider as well as a Microsoft Partner.