Virtual Desktops – Choose the Right Plan

Apps4Rent offers you the best-in-class hosted virtual desktops with the latest breakthroughs in virtualization technology. Our virtual desktops are most competitively priced with numerous options. Here are the primary variations in our cloud-hosted virtual desktops:

Choice of Technology

Apps4Rent’s cloud desktop solutions have been developed using two leading technologies in virtualization-Microsoft and Citrix, with each technology having its own unique set of advantages and functionalities. The Citrix solution commands a slight premium as it has better performance on graphics intensive tasks.

Choice of Modes

For Microsoft virtual desktops, Apps4Rent offers two modes of desktops – session-based and dedicated. In the session-based mode, applications come pre-installed in a shared space. In dedicated virtual desktops, the buyers get the freedom to install their own applications. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise option and the ability to include add-on users is available only in the dedicated virtual desktops. For more details see here.

CPU, RAM, and Storage

We have virtual desktop plans that include certain quantity of vCPUs, RAM and storage. It is possible to add additional storage to each plan or upgrade easily to a larger plan with the vCPUs, RAM, and storage that you may need. GPU processing can be added separately. Please ask our sales staff if you need Solid State Drives (SSD) for storage.

GPU Enhanced Virtual Desktops

We are one of the few vendors offering hosted desktops with graphic processing units or GPUs, which can be added to virtual desktops in a dedicated manner to improve performance of computing intensive applications for gaming, graphics, computer aided design, streaming, deep learning, and others. GPUs also help performance when you use multiple monitors with our virtual desktops. Learn more about GPUs on our virtual desktops.

Choice of Windows OS

As a default, we now offer you the Windows 10 look-and-feel on your virtual desktop. If you wish to get Windows 8 or Windows 7 look and feel, please inform our support desk after you have completed your order. We also offer Windows 10 desktop version on our virtual desktops under the qualified multitenant hosting program with Microsoft.

Choice of Office Suite

We offer free Office version with all our virtual desktops. We also have the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 Pro, Plus, Standard, and Professional Plus available as add-on options. Alternatively, if you subscribe to Office 365 Enterprise E3 or higher you can install a copy on our virtual desktops.

Adding Users or Desktops

If you purchase a dedicated virtual desktop, additional users can be added on to the same desktop at a discounted price. Alternatively, you can get a separate virtual desktop for each user. The decision to go with one or the other is based on the workload and budgets. The account administrator can provision either solution the same way, allocating resources and rights to individual or groups of users.

Active Directory Integration/VPN

If an organization requires integration with its Active Directory or wish to setup a VPN, that facility is available. Please contact our sales team if you need such services.

IP Address of Virtual Desktops

All Apps4Rent virtual desktops have IPs that belong to the US region, hosted on our New Jersey Data center. We offer two types of virtual desktops:

  • Hosted Desktop (session–based)
  • Dedicated Desktop

In a hosted environment multiple users share the same IP. Whereas in case of dedicated desktops, every desktop is assigned a IP which is not shared with any other customers.

However, with a dedicated desktop, if you add multiple users, the IP is shared amongst all the users. If you want a country-specific IP address or a fluctuating IP address every time you log in through a browser from your virtual machine hosted with us, we can provide you that as well. Speak to our virtual desktop experts available 24×7, for any customized IP address requirements that you may have.

Time Period for Subscription

Our virtual desktops are offered on a monthly or annual basis. If you wish to get resources by the hour, we can offer those on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Volume Discounts

Our dedicated virtual desktop plans include lower prices for incremental users. So the more users you add to a virtual desktop, the lower the average cost per user. Discounted rates may be possible for volume buyers of session-based desktops, and Apps4Rent can customize the pre-installed applications. We also offer additional discount for annual payments.