Hardware & Software

Yes. When you connect a USB device; or a pen drive; it will be automatically visible in your Hosted Desktop. There is a setting which is available in the remote tool on your local computer. This setting by default is enabled for such actions. If for any reason the setting is disabled; we will help you in enabling the setting.

Yes. When you connect to the hosted desktop, by default a “connection” is made to route all the print commands from your Hosted Desktop session to the local printer. There is a setting which is enabled by default on your local computer. If for any reason the setting is disabled; we will help you in enabling the setting. Here is the procedure to enable the setting: http://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/sharing-printersusb-devices-and-local-resources-between-hosted-desktop-and-your-computer

Yes. This is possible. All you need to do is inform us of the applications that you don’t need by sending an e-mail to support from your registered e-mail address.

We use Windows Terminal Services to provide Hosted Desktop Services. If your application is compatible with Windows Terminal Services or can be installed via Terminal Services then we will be glad to install them for you at an additional cost. Most of the applications that work in in Windows XP; Windows Vista and Windows 7 are compatible even under Terminal Server environment. In such cases, all licenses needs to be provided by you.For example, almost all applications that work with Windows 7 under Terminal Services will work within the Hosted Desktop environment. If we are provided with the application name then we will be able to check it and see how it can be used / installed in Terminal Server environment.

Hosted Desktop can support up to 16 monitors for a session.

Most certainly. If you have the licenses for QuickBooks then you can provide it to us at an additional cost of $2.99 per user per month. This is in addition to your Hosted Desktop monthly recurring charges.

Yes, you can run all Windows 7 compatible applications on our hosted desktops.

Unfortunately, due to various licensing restrictions you will need to use our licenses of MS Office.