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    How to Use TradeStation VPS Hosting with a Cloud Desktop?

    The constantly changing trading landscape requires both humans and machines to remain in sync and perform their dedicated tasks in real-time simultaneously. While trading software applications provide traders with highly efficient tools for charting, pattern recognition, risk analysis, currency conversion, and more, there are challenges associated with the availability and performance of these applications. This blog post on how to use TradeStation VPS hosting with a cloud desktop will cover how you can host your TradeStation on a virtual private server (VPS) with a cloud desktop to overcome those challenges.

    What Are the Advantages of TradeStation Virtual Hosting?

    While desktop trading platforms such as TradeStation can provide trading firms with advanced analytics tools and fully automated strategy trading features, execution of the trades with the desired speed mostly depends on the physical servers where these platforms are deployed. TradeStation VPS hosting or cloud hosting can be excellent alternatives to ensure sufficient resources for quick order processing, even under a fully automated and high-frequency trading environment. Here is a list of other benefits of hosting TradeStation on VPS or cloud desktops.

    • When the TradeStation desktop platform is hosted on a cloud desktop, you can access it remotely and obtain a consistent user experience across all your devices.
    • TradeStation VPS hosting with a cloud desktop ensures optimum security and performance. Using a desktop virtualization service for TradeStation, you can protect the sensitive trading data by not storing it on local devices such as your desktop or laptop, as these devices are prone to viruses and malware attacks. Virtual desktops, on the other hand, are highly secure and leverage advanced security features such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    • For automated trades to execute smoothly, it is necessary for your software to remain up and running. Hosting a TradeStation desktop platform on a cloud desktop can ensure your trades are executed even when your physical devices are not plugged in.
    • With TradeStation VPS or cloud hosting, there is greater flexibility in terms of physical resources such as RAM, storage space, and processing unit, which can help you execute your orders faster and minimize slippages.
    • Hosting TradeStation on a public cloud such as Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows you to choose a server location close to your broker/trading exchange and minimize the transmission time.
    • Virtualizing TradeStation with a cloud desktop can reduce costs in the long run by eliminating the need for setting up a physical server and desktop computers, allowing traders to access computing resources on-demand, and giving traders the power, speed, and flexibility for seamless trade exchange.

    How to Access TradeStation Hosted on a VPS with a Cloud Desktop?

    The process to access the software on a virtual desktop is similar to that you use for accessing it on your computer.

    • Log into your virtual desktop using the username and password provided by your hosting service provider.
    • Download the TradeStation setup file from your browser.
    • Install the software with admin rights on your virtual desktop.
    • Double click the TradeStation icon to launch the software.
    • You can now log in to TradeStation with the logging details provided by your broker.

    Apps4Rent Helps You Remote Trade with TradeStation

    The TradeStation desktop platform offers professional-grade tools you need to take on the markets. It enables fast and reliable trade execution, fully customizable charting, enhanced order management, and fully automated strategy trading. If you have a couple of strategies that you want to run automated and are looking for a cost-efficient hosted server solution, Apps4Rent can empower you with desktop virtualization services from providers such as Microsoft and Citrix. We deploy your solutions on our top-tier data centers and Microsoft’s public cloud platform – Azure. Contact our cloud environment specialists available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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