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    Hosting Revit on Citrix Virtual Desktop or Server in the Cloud

    The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be particularly punishing for product development companies and architecture businesses. Millions of engineers, architects, and designers who depend on their workstations in their offices to edit and visualize 3D models were left without the resources to work due to tight lockdown measures. Many users tried out different solutions, such as moving physical workstations home or using a VPN for accessing their office computers. However, a large proportion of CAD (computer-aided design) users has started taking advantage of virtual workstations to host their 3D applications, a trend that is likely to persist even as normalcy is restored. In this article, let us understand why businesses should host computing power-intensive BIM and CAD software such as Revit on Citrix Virtual Desktop.

    What are the Advantages of Revit Cloud Rendering on Citrix Virtual Desktop?

    Citrix Revit hosting can potentially become a long-term solution for graphics-intensive remote designing. Here are some advantages of hosting Revit and other BIM software on Citrix Virtual Desktop (XenDesktop).

    • Unlike high-end physical workstations whose hardware resources cannot be scaled or optimally utilized, Citrix Virtual Desktop subscriptions do not involve any capital costs for acquisition. RAM, GPU, and storage can all be scaled with a few button-clicks, making the solution more economical and predictable.
    • The use of HDX (high-definition experience) technology in Citrix Virtual Desktop makes it possible for users to enjoy the same consistent experience of using Revit on the high-end desktop, on any device, and over any network. It is a much better option than a VPN connection as it is both faster and uses adaptive compression to deliver rich multimedia required for Revit cloud rendering even on thin network connections.
    • Citrix display optimizations H.264 and H.265 codecs that are ideal for Revit renderings that require superior image quality. Efficient use of server and client GPU hardware, and smart encoding techniques help in delivering a highly responsive session with stunning visuals while simultaneously conserving resources.
    • Revit on Citrix Virtual Desktop is a plug-and-play solution. Unlike VPN and other remote access technologies, it does not require deep IT skills or an elaborate configuration procedure to be performed each time for accessing the application. The solution can be accessed on regular browsers on any internet-enabled device.

    What are the System Requirements for Hosting Revit on Citrix Virtual Desktop?

    Revit has unique system requirements for each platform on which it is compatible. Here is the Citrix recommended-level configuration for Revit 2020 hosting.

    • XenApp® 6.5 Feature Pack 2.
    • Citrix Profile Manager to ensure that the user’s personal settings are applied on all endpoint devices used to access Citrix Virtual Desktop.
    • Microsoft Active Directory to support roaming profiles.
    • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit client OS with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher as the recommended browser.
    • Network domain-bound client machines with Citrix Workspace app for enabling user-access.

    Apps4Rent Can Help with Revit Virtualization

    While hosting Autodesk Revit on Citrix Virtual Desktop can yield significant cost and performance benefits, configuring the application on a virtual desktop with the right hardware resources is critical for sustaining performance. Autodesk does not provide direct support for issues related to Citrix hosting, and users might find it difficult to resolve them if they are not IT savvy enough.

    As a Citrix partner, Apps4Rent has tested Revit on right-sized Citrix Virtual Desktops for optimal performance. Our Citrix specialists are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance on Citrix hosted Revit solutions. We can also virtualize Revit hosted in our top tier SSAE 16 level data centers on dedicated servers with GPU. Contact our experts today for Revit hosting plans.

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