Cancellation Procedure

We recognize from time to time users may want to cancel their service for various reasons. Apps4Rent makes this process simple and secure.

The 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The account has to be cancelled within the first 15 days of signing up to get a full refund. Add-ons like Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and add-on users are not covered in the Money-back Guarantee. The account has to be cancelled by following the process outlined here: To cancel, send an email to your registered e-mail address that we have on file. All cancellations are subject to the procedure laid out at

For our customer’s safety and security, we do not make any exception to the rule that you are required to send the cancellation mail from your registered e-mail ID and that you must fill the cancellation form for account cancellation to be effective. As we do not want any unauthorized person to illegally terminate your important services we must authenticate the submission request. If you cannot recall or you no longer have access to your registered e-mail ID then the default credit card holder should fax us a cancellation request with a copy of their credit card and an official picture identification such as driver’s license otherwise cancellation will not be processed and you will be liable for all the service charges.

Refund Policy

No refunds are issued for used service except when they fall within 15 day Money-back Guarantee for certain selected services.

If you purchase a service that includes a 15-day Money-back Guarantee, you are allowed to make full use of the service after signup. All cancellations must be received in writing as per the deadlines indicated via the registered e-mail ID. Phone or chat requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation. The 15-day Money-back Guarantee refers to credit-card payments only. No refunds are available after the 15th day.

The 15 Day Money-back Guarantee Applies Only to :

  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop – Silver (Session-Based)
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop – Bronze (Dedicated)
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop – Silver (Dedicated)
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop – Gold (Dedicated)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktop – Silver (Session-Based)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktop – Bronze (Dedicated)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktop – Silver (Dedicated)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktop – Gold (Dedicated)

If you have additional questions about our Money-back Guarantee please feel free to contact us or use the live chat.