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    Parallels Remote Application Server vs Citrix Virtual Desktops

    When it comes to choosing a platform for desktop virtualization, thinking of the best service providers, a range of features, pricing plans, advantages, and limitations might get overwhelming. While some products sound promising, the value they actually deliver may not always be as estimated. It is a good idea to draw a comparison to recognize the one that is closer to your expectations. Today, we have two virtual desktop services that we will weigh against each other – Parallels Remote Application Server and Citrix Virtual Desktops.

    What is Citrix Virtual Desktops?

    Citrix Virtual Desktops is a virtual desktop service that enables a mobile workforce. It allows you to deploy virtual desktops for your employees who are working at scattered, remote locations. Citrix provides a centralized system to manage remote deployments. With advanced encryption techniques, Citrix makes sure your data remains secure from data leakages and breaches.

    What is Parallels Remote Application Server?

    Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a remote working solution that securely connects you to virtual desktops and applications. It allows employees to switch between devices and locations. Just like Citrix Virtual Desktops, Remote Application Server also offers a centralized console to manage the deployments. Parallels doesn’t manage any of the Parallels RAS components but relies on partners for on-premises and cloud deployments. It includes Microsoft Azure for desktop virtualization.

    Striking Features of Citrix Virtual Desktops

    • Citrix Virtual Desktops has years of market leadership to deliver the best possible experience.
    • It allows users to work wherever they want with a high-definition experience powered by HDX technology.
    • Citrix takes the highest measures to ensure security while maintaining the productivity of your employees.
    • With contextual policy-making capability and advanced compliance and monitoring settings, you are in charge of the client-side.
    • A centralized admin panel lets you create, edit, and templatize security policies.
    • You are given the freedom to deploy preferred cloud and on-premises resources to keep the costs under control.
    • Citrix provides granular control for responding to suspicious behavior, preventing screenshots, and restricting activities based on location and devices if required.
    • It allows optimization for the consistent use of unified solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and more.
    • Citrix offers end to end, fully secure perimeter for the next-generation user and IP protection.
    • Virtual Desktops come equipped with robust workspace environment optimization tools to manage resources for user workloads.

    Advantages of Citrix Virtual Desktops vs Parallels RAS

    Citrix solutions are more mature and have an edge on the technology side, while Parallels RAS is comparatively new and uses fewer technologies. With the ICA protocol, Virtual Desktops has a specification laid down for passing data between servers and clients. On the other hand, Parallels RAS doesn’t have any proprietary protocols to control the inbound and outbound traffic. Citrix uses HDX technology for delivering a superior high-definition experience to end-users, whereas Parallels RAS doesn’t use any specific technology to enhance the quality of audio and videos. Citrix offers both short-term and long-term pricing plans to align with your budget constraints, while Parallels RAS strictly requires you to invest in the long-term plans. Looking at Citrix’s abundant use of innovative technologies and the outstanding HD experience it delivers, the price point difference seems justifiable.

    How Apps4Rent Helps You Better Manage Your Remote Workforce?

    Virtual desktops are the best possible solution for managing remote employees. This cloud offering provides optimum control over resources and reliable security to the organization’s data. With virtual desktops, your organization’s confidential and sensitive information remains as safe as it is in the on-premises infrastructure. Apps4Rent helps you deploy and manage Citrix Virtual Desktops. We also offer desktop virtualization services from other leading providers, such as Microsoft Azure – one of the platforms on which RAS depends. Reach us via phone, chat, or email if you have any queries regarding DaaS implementation. We provide 24/7 support and assistance.

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