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    Parallels Remote Application Server vs Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

    Cloud services have seen exponential growth in the past few years. Moreover, the pandemic gave them a good reason to progress by leaps and bounds. This phenomenon has benefitted businesses who were struggling to adjust to the distance-friendly world. Desktop virtualization is one of the many offerings of cloud environments. It creates a native-like workplace atmosphere for remote employees who may or may not be in the same office, city, country, or even continent. While many service providers claim to be the best, it takes a close examination of their services to ensure they are dependable. This blog post will compare Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) vs Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to help you identify the one you can depend on.

    What is Azure Windows Virtual Desktop?

    Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, or Azure WVD, is a cloud offering from Microsoft Azure for app and desktop virtualization. WVD helps you set up a secure and scalable remote workforce within seconds. You can use the Azure Portal for WVD deployment and management. It allows you to deliver thousands of virtual desktops for your employees who can switch between devices and locations at their ease.

    What Makes Azure WVD an Outstanding Solution for Desktop Virtualization?

    • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop is the only fully optimized service for a multi-session Windows 10 with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.
    • Existing Windows and Microsoft 365 licenses can be used for service activation; there are no additional costs.
    • If you are an existing Azure Portal user, you can deploy, manage, and monitor WVD alongside other Azure services.
    • Azure WVD keeps your data secure and compliant with security protocols that are capable of proactively detecting threats and taking timely remedial actions.
    • Conditional access to employees helps you manage and minimize the risk of data leakage.
    • Moves all of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) into a managed service in the cloud to save on infrastructure and IT overhead.

    What is Parallels Remote Application Server?

    Remote Application Server (RAS) is a remote working solution offered by Parallels. It delivers virtual apps and desktops over a secure network to facilitate remote employees while protecting your organization’s data. Parallels RAS offers a centralized admin panel to help you provide a unified experience across all of the deployments. Interestingly, Parallels manages none of the RAS components and instead partners with technology leaders and service providers, including Microsoft Azure.

    Advantages of Azure WVD over Parallels RAS

    • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop gives you a choice to use dedicated or shared resources. With pooled resources option, WVD is more affordable.
    • Long-term plans can help you reduce your expenditure on Windows Virtual Desktop substantially.
    • The combination of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 offers several benefits for the end-user. If you hold a Windows or Microsoft 365 license, you can club the WVD service without any additional costs. On the other hand, with Parallels RAS, you will have to invest in separate licensing.
    • Microsoft WVD has higher flexibility as compared to Parallels RAS with separate options for session-based desktops, dedicated, and pooled virtual desktops.
    • Parallels RAS needs deployment on Microsoft Azure in order to make way for fast, reliable, and secure access to server-based desktops and Windows applications. Azure WVD has speed, reliability, and security capabilities built in.

    How Apps4Rent Helps You Set Up Your Remote Workforce Best Way Possible?

    Your existing IT infrastructure and where you host your applications currently may play a major role in deciding which service will prove better for you. However, after the thorough investigation of both Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and Parallels Remote Application Server, we can see that Azure WVD ticks all the right boxes. Installation and setup of Windows Virtual Desktop require highly trained and specialized Azure architects, as the process has a technical side. Apps4Rent is a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP with a robust team of experienced Azure cloud architects to help you with virtual desktop deployment. We also bring desktop virtualization solutions from other leading service providers like Citrix. Apps4Rent provide 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email for virtual desktop services. Contact us today.

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