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Hosted Citrix XenDesktop

Take Your Windows Desktop Anywhere with XenDesktops!

A hosted Citrix XenDesktop from Apps4Rent delivers functionality that every worker needs – anywhere, anytime access through multiple devices to all your Windows desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, accounting software such as QuickBooks, and other business software, with a desktop performance your employees are comfortable with.

Built with Citrix XenDesktop Virtualization Technologies

Apps4Rent’s premium desktop hosting solutions are built with virtualization technologies from Citrix. You can select from two modes: session-based and dedicated. In the session-based mode, Apps4Rent staff are responsible for installation of applications that come pre-installed. In the dedicated option, subscribers can install on their own any custom desktop applications of their choice. The dedicated virtual desktops also performs better in graphic intensive applications such as videos.

Hosted XenDesktops – Low Cost, Month-to-Month, No Contract

Virtual desktop technology is now fully prepared for every workplace. The hosted XenDesktops are flexible, reliable, secure, and quickly scalable as per your exact business requirements. They are highly cost-effective as well, since you pay as you go, and only for what you need, when you need. The look and feel of Citrix XenDesktop is identical to a traditional Windows desktop. Access is available through common browsers or remote data protocol (RDP) clients and on a variety of devices such as PCs, Macs, Linux desktops, phones, tablets, and thin clients. Local devices such as printers, USB connected devices, and multiple monitors work as intended.

The advantages of Citrix virtual desktops hosted on Apps4Rent’s servers include anywhere access, a consistent interface, unrestricted access to desktop applications, ability to scale up or down, and of course, highly significant cost savings.

Case Studies of Our Virtual Desktops Across Industries

Denver, Colorado
The medium-sized tax firm’s founders had dual priorities of cutting down desktop upgrade expenses and equipping their team to operate remotely from anywhere, anytime through the cloud.
Community Medical Center
Rochester, NY
The medical center wanted its doctors and staff to be able to stay connected with the healthcare applications through the cloud and at the same time, stay compliant with the strict HIPAA and HITECH regulations.
Law Practice
Jackson, Mississippi
To stay ahead in the competitive field, the partners and the other office staff had to become more mobile and flexible as well as be able to work from a variety of locations using cloud technology.
Web Development
Bay Area, SFO
The design and development company wanted to make a future-proof investment in cloud technology to avoid the yearly upgrades to the regular desktops; they need a comprehensive, no-hassles solution.

Citrix XenDesktops Plans and Pricing

Try a Citrix XenDesktops risk-free for 15 days. Once comfortable, add more desktops in the cloud.

Citrix Virtual Desktop
Citrix Virtual Desktop Bronze
Citrix Virtual Desktop Silver
Citrix Virtual Desktop Gold
$35.95/mo. for Annual Payments
$35.95/mo. for Annual Payments
$49.45/mo. for Annual Payments
$80.95/mo. for Annual Payments
tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days
Open Office + optional
MS Office
Open Office + optional
Office 365 ProPlus
Open Office + optional
Office 365 ProPlus
Open Office + optional
Office 365 ProPlus
RAM and vCPU
Dedicated 2 GB RAM and
1 vCPU
Dedicated 4 GB RAM and
2 vCPUs
Dedicated 8 GB RAM and
4 vCPUs
Pre-installed applications
for tighter control
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
No option to add GPU Option to add GPU Option to add GPU Option to add GPU
No optional add-on user
No optional add-on user
Optional add-on user possible ($15/user/month) Optional add-on user possible ($15/user/month)
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Benefits of Hosted Citrix XenDesktop

The best features of a Citrix virtual desktop are its flexibility, low cost, dependability and efficiency. Citrix Virtual Desktop hosting takes advantage of the latest industry trends – the need for anytime anywhere access on numerous smart devices, virtualization of physical resources such as hardware, cloud hosting services, and outsourcing to the best of the breed vendors. You could be a business owner or an overextended IT team member, or a manager who urgently needs access to a productive desktop software application, you need to focus on expanding your business rather than managing and maintaining your employee desktops and associated software applications. A virtual desktop with Citrix technologies hosted by Apps4Rent takes the entire burden of managing the desktop environment off you – for a low, per-user price that is fixed on a month-to-month basis.

Hosted Citrix XenDesktop Services Improve Flexibility

To sustain and grow in today work environment, your organization as well as its infrastructure management must be nimble. Teams develop quickly around tasks, team members work from locations that may not be even in the same time zone. With hosted desktops, IT staff can quickly provision the required applications, change hardware resources on desktops, manage security, and administer from anywhere. It is always safer to have some virtual desktops in the reserve with pre-installed applications to meet fluctuating demands. At other times, special applications and environments may be needed for short projects for specific users. It is easy to meet that demand with hosted dedicated desktops. 24 x 7 availability of the desktop infrastructure and expert support from Apps4Rent’s staff adds to the flexibility.

Hosted XenDesktops Lower Costs

Using a virtual Citrix desktop hosting provider such as Apps4Rent makes perfect sense for both small and medium-sized businesses wherein IT expertise may not be available. Apps4Rent’s virtual desktop packages include anti-virus, regular backups, and commonly used applications. And our affordable and experienced staff can install custom software applications during after-office hours, letting employees to remain productive during office hours. In many cases, virtual desktops in the cloud do away with the need of having a server in-house and also the software as well as the technical support needed to maintain the server. Other cost benefits can accrue as uncontrollable IT expenses become a thing of the past, as the virtual desktops come with a fixed fee that is billed on a monthly subscription basis. You can accomplish projects involving desktop without risking capital on the hardware setup as well as software installations. Moreover our plans have been carefully created keeping in mind the real-world business requirements. Case in point, our Silver plan is ideal for interns and our Gold and Platinum plans are a good choice for the power-users.

Virtual Desktops are More Reliable

The business server going down is the worst nightmare for any business owner or the manager. This is never a possibility with the virtual desktops from Apps4Rent, as they are delivered from a top-tier SSAE16 Type II certified data center in New York, USA. Apps4Rent invests heavily in making the backup, power supply as well as the internet backbone connection totally redundant, with multiple fallback options. Even if your IT engineer is away for a week or more, you have nothing to worry about. Our daily backups are configured to run automatically and they get safely stored away in the highly secure data center. Moreover, we also undertake the responsibility of doing all the updates and patches to the software as and when needed.

Citrix Virtual Desktops Maximize Productivity

A Citrix virtual desktop makes your makes your dollar go that little bit further. Your in-house IT staff will be freed up from troubleshooting low-level problems. They will be able to contribute more meaningfully to your core business projects. Thanks to the consistent experience, your team as well as the stakeholders will be able to improve the computing efficiency from remote workplaces as well as the office. Apps4Rent virtual desktop plans start at $24.95 (on the basis of user per month) – a pricing method that will prove ideal for you to realize the optimum ROI. You will be able to use your favorite full-featured business software packages to be more productive and work with the most up-to-date business software without having to spend on upgrading the hardware to match.

Why Choose Apps4Rent

  • The best-priced deals for hosted Microsoft applications
  • Eight different solutions based on Microsoft/Citrix
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider/Gold Partner
  • Provide hosting services to over 10,000 companies.
  • Secure and reliable high-performance infrastructure
  • 24 x 7 support by phone, live chat, and email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does your FREE TRIAL offer work?

We offer you 15 days risk-free trial both for session-based and dedicated Citrix virtual desktops. All you need to keep in mind is to cancel your account within 15 days of your sign up to get a full refund. For account cancellation send us an email to from your registered mail id.

Note that Office 365 ProPlus and ‘add-on users’ features are not covered during a free trial.

What sort of technical support can I expect from Apps4Rent?

Your daily routine tasks you will be able to manage easily from the control panel itself. However, our support engineers are always available 24/7*365 for any issue, and if need be they also access the users’ local desktop remotely.

Our support services include 24/7*365 help desk support, remote support, ticketing system, online knowledge sharing, infrastructure monitoring, management, updates, patching, maintenance, escalation and remediation.

We have the best response time in the industry, with calls getting attended to within 15 minutes. Depending on the complexity of an issue, a resolution is provided within an hour.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount of User purchase?

You can purchase any number, there is no lower/upper limit.

Can I upgrade my account any time on my own?

Yes. Use the Account Administration page for the purpose. For any help, you can always reach us by email, chat or phone. We would be happy to assist you.

How do you ensure my data security?

Features like date/time defined access, encrypted data transfer, SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers, Password-protected idling, file type blocking, User-level app access will ensure your data protection.

Will I have to transfer my domain name to you?

No. All you need to do is to make some changes in your DNS settings for the plan you opt for.

Do I need to have a VPN for your service?

You don’t need to get any separate VPN. You can securely access the Citrix Virtual Desktop either from a browser or using a Citrix Receiver.

Can I use Citrix VDI even if I don’t have a domain name?

You will need a domain name. You can get one using the three options…

  1. You can purchase a domain from us at the most competitive rate
  2. Purchase a domain from the market
  3. Use our domain name at no additional cost. For example,

Do I need to use Remote Desktop to access Citrix Cloud Desktop?

No, you don’t. You can only use Citrix Receiver to access you Citrix Cloud Desktop.

Can I get Citrix Desktop on Azure Windows Virtual Desktops?

Yes, you can. Being a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider as well as a Citrix partner, Apps4Rent can deploy Citrix Desktops on Microsoft Azure for you.
Citrix workspace supports all devices and operating systems including desktop, mobile, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome and HTML for access through any available web browser.

How many devices can a single XenDesktop user connect from?

A single XenDesktop user can connect using any number of connected devices.

How Apps4Rent Citrix is different?

Here’s your unique gain from Apps4Rent’s DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and why you get maximum value for your money…

  1. We offer you virtualized Citrix XenDesktops in the Cloud.
  2. You get month-to-month billing. With pay-as-you-go service, you have predictable IT costs, which wouldn’t shoot up unnecessarily due to any reason.
  3. You can get session-based or dedicated-virtual desktops as per your need (smaller/ higher) resource/personalization/control requirements.
  4. Hosted Citrix Desktop service at the best price in the market.
  5. No minimum user criterion. From a single user to any number up, you are free to choose. (some prominent vendors have a minimum number of virtual desktops to be signed up, often as high as 50 or its multiples).
  6. You can upscale/downscale users as per your use.
  7. Our pay-as-you-go model makes it wallet-friendly for small and medium-sized businesses.
  8. Our dedicated virtual desktop will allow you to install your preferred custom applications, move all your data there along with all your line of business applications. A real virtual desktop solution in every sense.
  9. We offer you the very useful and unique concept of “Add-on Users.” Under this you can keep adding new users to the same virtual desktops instead of buying a new one for every user.

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