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    ProLawyer System Requirements for Cloud Hosting

    ProLawyer is a software solution designed for lawyers and legal professionals to enhance task management. It automates crucial legal processes like document management, case tracking, and client communication—which gives an overall boost to work productivity. Lawyers leveraging ProLawyer can provide more accurate and timely services, supported by extensive features for legal research, implementation, and reporting, ensuring thorough case preparation and presentation.

    However, many users still use ProLawyer on their desktop or local machine/server, while the software works best on the cloud. Hosting ProLawyer on a secure cloud server allows its limitless possibilities to be utilized. Through cloud hosting, ProLawyer’s functionality and efficiency are significantly enhanced, making it an indispensable tool for modern legal professionals.

    Local Desktop/ On-Premise ProLawyer — An Outdated Approach

    Legal technology has evolved with time with the world being too fast-paced to cope with. Now staying ahead in the competitive legal landscape means implementing solutions that are not just strong but also flexible, scalable, and accessible. The desktop and on-premise versions of ProLawyer, formerly the cornerstone of legal practices, are now seen as outdated due to their lack of some key features.

    There are several disadvantages to using a desktop or on-premise setup:

    • Limited Access: ProLawyer hosted on a desktop or local server can only be accessed from the devices on which it is installed. This reduces the efficiency and flexibility of work.
    • Data Security Challenges: Managing data security can be challenging on a local server. Lack of backup and security measures can put data security at risk.
    • Manual Updates and Maintenance: Software updates and server maintenance have to be performed by the user himself, which consumes time and resources. Also, expertise is required to resolve any technical issues.
    • Lack of Flexibility: On-premise setups lack scalability, which can make it difficult to meet changing business needs. Hardware upgrades and additional resources are required.

    Hosting ProLawyer on the Cloud Offers a Host of Advantages

    Moving to the cloud offers significant benefits to law firms using ProLawyer. The cloud supports scalable growth. Thus, law firms can expand their services and handle more clients without sacrificing performance or quality. These capabilities help law firms stay competitive and deliver exceptional service.

    Here’s a look at why hosting ProLawyer on the cloud is a smart move:

    • Access Anywhere: Access ProLawyer via cloud hosting anytime, anywhere—office, courtroom, or remotely.
    • Hassle-Free Task Management: Manage cases, check your calendar, and access documents easily for prompt client responses.
    • Better Security: With encryption, automatic updates, and backups, your sensitive case and client data are secure.
    • Easy to Scale: As your law firm grows, cloud hosting can grow with you. It can handle more data and users without requiring a big upfront investment.
    • Cost Savings: Moving to the cloud reduces costs by doing away with physical servers and cutting down on maintenance.
    • Better Teamwork: Cloud hosting makes it easier for legal teams to collaborate. Multiple people can work on the same documents at the same time—which streamlines workflows and boosts productivity.

    ProLawyer System Requirements for Deploying on Desktop and Cloud

    Deploying ProLawyer on a local machine such as the desktop is resource-intensive. Cloud, on the other hand, puts less strain on the on-premise IT resources as most of the functions are managed on the cloud.

    The following table shows the system configuration for ProLawyer’s deployment on a desktop and cloud:

    Aspect On-Premise (Desktop) Cloud Infrastructure (Virtual Machine)
    Operating System Microsoft Windows Server (64-bit) Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines or Apps4Rent Virtual Desktop
    Database Microsoft SQL Server (64-bit) Azure SQL Database
    Processor Dual/Quad-core, 2.6 GHz Configurable based on cloud provider (e.g., Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC)
    RAM Minimum 8 GB 8 GB or more (configurable based on cloud provider)
    Disk Space At least 100 GB (varies based on document storage needs) 100 GB or more (configurable based on requirements)
    Security Measures Firewall, antivirus, regular updates Cloud security groups, encryption, access controls
    Backup and Recovery Scheduled backups, disaster recovery plan Cloud snapshots, automated backups, geo-replication
    Scalability Limited by hardware capacity Easily scalable by adjusting VM resources
    Cost Considerations Upfront hardware costs, maintenance Pay-as-you-go pricing, operational expenses

    Apps4Rent – A Trusted Cloud Hosting Expert

    Apps4Rent is a trusted cloud hosting provider that provides specialized solutions for ProLawyer. As a Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner (CSP), we ensure that you get the best technical assistance for hosting ProLawyer on the cloud.

    The reasons that make Apps4Rent an excellent choice:

    • Custom Cloud Setup: Customizing the cloud setup as per your requirements. This ensures that the software can meet your specific business needs.
    • Training: Training the employees to use the new system. Experts teach the employees about the functioning and features of the new system so that they can use it easily.
    • Secure Data Migration: Free migration service and data backup. This ensures that your data is transferred to the cloud safely and accurately.
    • Flexible Plans: Flexible and affordable plans according to the needs of different businesses. This ensures that the specific needs of your business can be met.
    • Cost-Effective: The pay-as-you-go model helps you manage your budget better and allocate resources more effectively.
    • 24/7 Support: Always available technical support. Users can get a solution to any technical problem at any time.


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    Dedicated Gold

    Grid-powered RAM and
    2 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
    4 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
    8 GB RAM and
    4 vCPUs
    1 user only 1 user only Ideal for 2-5 users Ideal for 6 or more users
    5 GB SSD disk space 40 GB SSD disk space 50 GB SSD disk space 65 GB SSD disk space
    Daily data backups Daily data backups Daily data backups Daily data backups
    99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime
    24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support
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    Choose Apps4Rent to Host ProLawyer on the Cloud

    Hosting ProLawyer on the cloud virtual desktop with Apps4Rent will not only increase your efficiency but also provide security and flexibility. Being a Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner (CSP), Apps4Rent brings you reliable and efficient cloud hosting solutions for your legal firm. Get in touch today and make your legal operations even simpler and more secure by hosting ProLawyer on the cloud.

    Apps4Rent – Tier 1 Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider


    Virtual Desktop

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