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    What Are the System Requirements for FrameForge?

    As video marketing is becoming increasingly common, there is a rise in demand for storyboarding software. These applications are used for sketching the progression in videos, animations, and films. The applications typically have tools and premade images and characters to speed up the process.

    FrameForge is one of the most advanced software for storyboarding. With impressive features, such as the ability to place dollies and cranes with precision without animation, drawing, or highly technical computer skills, and the ability to import a script from any scriptwriting program, the software is used even in large production houses, such as HBO, Netflix, and BBC. In this article, we will focus on the system requirements for FrameForge Storyboard Studio.

    What Are the Hardware and Software Requirements for FrameForge?

    FrameForge is available in Core and Professional editions. Both versions can run on both Mac and Windows machines. Here are the system requirements for FrameForge.

    FrameForge is supported on Windows 7 and above. It requires at least 4 GB RAM with a dual-core CPU running at 2.3GHz. While the file size is only around 500 MB, the animations generated using the application could require a significant amount of storage space. The cutting-edge previsualization program best runs with a graphics card, preferably with dedicated memory. Similar to most other 3D graphics software, FrameForge is more responsive on more powerful machines, and the configurations can vary significantly on several factors.

    Why Opt for FrameForge Cloud Hosting?

    Many users find it useful to manage objects and textures across different devices. FrameForge cloud hosting allows users to work on their previz projects from multiple computers without having to worry if their laptop has all the same objects as their office workstation. Here are the advantages of FrameForge cloud hosting.

    • FrameForge can be accessed on a virtual desktop using any device. Consequently, users will not have to reinstall their expansion packs or migrate objects and textures created earlier or on some other on-premises device.
    • The “FrameForge is unable to locate object” errors will not appear while opening previz files, as the object library will be hosted in the cloud, which simplifies collaboration.
    • Unlike many of the library backup and file sync services that do not provide a lot of choice in terms of where the directory to be synced is located in the file system, FrameForge cloud hosting provides dedicated virtual desktops with scalable resources for creating and storing files.
    • Compatibility issues with certain operating systems, such as macOS 11 Big Sur can be overcome by using Windows-based machines for hosting FrameForge and accessing the application on the Mac.
    • The storage, memory, and computing power of virtual machines on which FrameForge is installed can be increased or decrease on demand based on the project.

    Apps4Rent Can Help with FrameForge Hosting

    FrameForge cloud hosting not only simplifies access, but also improves security, delivers better performance, and reduces overhead costs. It is an ideal solution, especially at a time when remote work is becoming a norm.

    As a Microsoft and Citrix partner, Apps4Rent uses cutting-edge virtualization technology for FrameForge cloud hosting on GPU-enabled virtual desktops. We offer GPU-enabled desktops and virtual machines in our top-tier SSAE-16 datacenters and Azure for FramForge cloud hosting. Contact our application virtualization consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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