Hosted Desktop – Use Cases

Using a Virtual Desktop for Website Maintenance

Are you hosting a website but are in need of a development environment to manage and test your pages before making them live? Simply opt for a Virtual deskop! It’s secure, efficient and easy to use

Bypass Desktop/Laptop Restrictions at Home or Office

If you have a quick need to tweak a photo in Photoshop or add some styling in Dreamweaver, chances are your home or office computer lacks the necessary resources/permissions. A quick and easy way would be to simply subscribe to a Virtual desktop.

Your Music Software on a Cloud Desktop

Load all your music software and music files onto a Windows Cloud Desktop and then access it from anywhere with any device. Never lose any data with our regular backups.

Multiple Windows Desktops for Traders and Data Analysts

Traders and data analysts have a huge appetite for computing power. Now they can harness the power of multiple Cloud desktops all streaming to their device of choice wherever they are.

Cloud Desktops for Accounting

If you are an accountant, you probably know the significance of having your Quickbooks or Sage application available at all times. But that is not always possible with office/home computers. With Cloud based desktops, you can do your accounting from anywhere you like.

Cloud Desktops for SEO

SEO specialists want to be able to run their applications 24/7 to monitor their sites. Traditional desktops/laptops lack the versatility and power for such tasks. Cloud desktop comes to the rescue.

Travel Light with the Help of a Virtual Desktop

The world is getting slimmer and so should your laptop. Travel light with a Cloud desktop that you can access anywhere for your Windows desktop and applications.