Virtual Desktops – Choose the Right Plan

Apps4Rent offers you the best-in-class hosted virtual desktops with the latest breakthroughs in virtualization technology. Our virtual desktops are most competitively priced and have different types of feature sets configured in to them. Here are the primary variations in our cloud-hosted virtual desktops:

Choice of Version

For both technologies, Apps4Rent offers two versions of desktops – session-based and dedicated. In the session-based version, applications come pre-installed in a shared space and in the full dedicated virtual desktops, the buyers get the freedom to install their own applications. Besides, Office 365 ProPlus option and the ability to include add-on users is available only in the dedicated virtual desktops. For more details see here.

Choice of Windows Look and Feel

As a default, we now offer you the Windows 10 look-and-feel on your virtual desktop. If you wish to get Windows 8 or Windows 7 look and feel, please inform our support desk after you have completed your order.

Choice of Office Suite

We offer free Office version with all our virtual desktops. We also have the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Standard, and Professional Plus available as add-on options.

Availability of Graphic Acceleration

Users requiring enhanced desktop resources for design, engineering or other resource-intensive applications such as AutoCad, Revit, and Adobe Suite, can now benefit from our hosted virtual desktops built with NVIDIA GPU technologies to enable superior rendering and accelerated processing than traditional virtual desktop services. Chat with our sales staff to find out more.

IP Address of Virtual Desktops

All Apps4Rent Virtual Desktops have IPs that belong to the US region, hosted on our New Jersey Data center. We offer two types of Virtual Desktops:

  • 1. Hosted Desktop (session –based)
  • 2. Dedicated Desktop

In a hosted environment multiple users share the same IP. Whereas in case of dedicated desktops, every desktop is assigned a IP which is not shared with any other customers.

However, with a dedicated desktop, if you add multiple users, the IP is shared amongst all the users. If you want a country-specific IP address or a fluctuating IP address every time you log in through a browser from your virtual machine hosted with us, we can provide you that as well. Speak to our Virtual Desktop experts available 24×7, for any customized IP address requirements that you may have.

Desired Use vs. Recommendations

User Scenarios Right Virtual Desktop Plan Reasoning

Need a cost-effective solution for day-to-day, regular use

Microsoft/Citrix Session-Based
virtual desktops

Economically priced at $24.95/month and $39.95/month, respectively

Use Office Applications from PC, laptop, tablet, and phone

Microsoft/Citrix Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment offers Office 365 ProPlus across different devices
Be able to install own set of specific, custom applications Microsoft Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment allows you to install any specific custom applications
Require to give a more tightly controlled usage rights Microsoft Session-Based virtual desktops Shared environment allows controlled access only to select applications
Do multimedia/graphic intensive browsing or design work Microsoft Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment offers enhanced multimedia and graphics
Work on Windows 7 OS or other newer operating systems Microsoft Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment ensures more disk space and enhanced functions
Use older Windows/non-Windows OS and mobile devices Citrix Session-Based virtual desktops Environment offers more enhanced user experience for older Windows OS
Primary need to browse a lot using Android-based devices Citrix Session-Based virtual desktops Environment is more compatible with Android OS for a smooth experience
Use older Windows/other OS to install custom applications Citrix Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment works well with any custom applications in older OS
Want to watch online videos, stream or download music Citrix Dedicated virtual desktops Dedicated environment supports enhanced multimedia with rich AV
Need a dedicated virtual environment for development Microsoft/Citrix Dedicated virtual desktops Use custom software, get more disk space and higher computing abilities

Volume Discounts

All our dedicated virtual desktop plans have lower prices for incremental users. For volume buyers of session-based desktops, Apps4Rent can further customize the installed applications.