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Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Hosted Virtual Desktops for Anytime Anywhere Access

Desktop virtualization combined with cloud hosting results in a low-cost hosted virtual desktop service from Apps4Rent that helps move your desktop and applications to the Cloud. Subscribers can access the hosted desktop anytime from anywhere, with a variety of devices. Get your staff more productive with easy access to all their Windows desktop applications, including Microsoft Office, accounting software such as QuickBooks, and other business software. Our hosted dedicated desktops now come with optional Office 365 ProPlus giving you the very same Office applications that you use on your regular desktop.

Apps4Rent uses Two Desktop Virtualization Technology Vendors – Microsoft and Citrix

Apps4Rent uses the best desktop virtualization platforms from two top class vendors – Microsoft and Citrix – and hosts the implementations for use by its customers. For each vendor, there are two modes available for the hosted virtual desktop service: session-based and dedicated. In the session-based mode, the installation applications is the done by Apps4Rent staff, with certain applications that come pre-installed. In the dedicated desktop option, subscribers can install themselves any custom desktop applications of their choice. With the dedicated desktops, you also get a superior performance for graphics-intensive applications.

Desktops Virtualized and Hosted are Easily Accessible, Reliable, Secure and Include Backups

Desktop Virtualization with Hosting – Affordable, Month-to-Month, No Long Term Commitment

The technologies for virtualization of desktops have now reached the tipping point where their use is expanding in businesses of all sizes. The on-screen experience of a hosted desktop and a traditional one is comparable. The end-users, as well as IT administrators, can access the cloud desktop services with most browsers or remote data protocol (RDP) clients; and on a variety of devices such as PCs, Macs, Linux desktops, phones, tablets, and thin clients. Local devices such as printers, USB connected devices, and multiple monitors work as expected.

The advantages of virtual desktops and business applications hosted on Apps4Rent’s servers include universal access – anytime and anywhere; easy interface and access to applications; flexibility to scale up or down; excellent 24 x7 support, and the lowest costs. Sign up and find out for yourself!

Case Studies of Our Virtual Desktops Across Industries

Accounting Practice
Denver, Colorado
The accounting firm needed to cut costs in the IT spends for upgrading desktops and also wanted more mobility for their team members. Apps4Rent implemented virtual desktops to meet their needs.
County Medical Center
Rochester, NY
As a healthcare provider, the center had to comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations while upgrading their IT setups with the intention of lowering the setup costs and improving the overall efficiency.
Law Firm
Jackson, Mississippi
The law firm needed to move to the cloud with its desktops and legal applications to be able to deliver more at less cost. They needed an IT cloud solution that would go well with legal practice needs.
Web Developers
Bay Area, SFO
As with most of the SMB clients, the web development company was looking for a cost-effective cloud solution to replace its regular desktops; the teams needed to be more mobile and flexible.

Virtual Desktop Plans and Pricing

Try a Virtual Desktop risk-free for 15 days. Once comfortable, add more desktops in the cloud.

Virtual Desktop
Virtual Desktop Bronze
Virtual Desktop Silver
Virtual Desktop Gold

SSD Disk

SSD Disk

SSD Disk

SSD Disk
$22.46/mo. for Annual Payments
$22.46/mo. for Annual Payments
$35.96/mo. for Annual Payments
$67.46/mo. for Annual Payments
tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Grid-powered,fully-burstable RAM and vCPU Dedicated 2 GB RAM and
2 vCPU
Dedicated 4 GB RAM and
2 vCPUs
Dedicated 8 GB RAM and
4 vCPUs
Pre-installed applications
for tighter control
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
Customizable for 50+ Order Option to add GPU Option to add GPU Option to add GPU
1 user included in the above price, Option to add users 1 user included in the above price, No add-on users Optional add-on user possible ($18/user/month) Optional add-on user possible ($18/user/month)
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Azure-Based Desktop
WVD Bronze

$81/mo. for Annual Payments
Buy Now
Includes Windows 10 + Optional Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Dedicated 4 GB RAM and
2 vCPUs
Freedom to install own
Option to add GPU
Optional add-on user possible ($35/user/month)
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Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Hosted virtual desktops benefit from the latest trends in IT – the expectation of always-on services and access to business applications through numerous client devices, hardware virtualization of desktops and servers, cloud hosted services, and outsourcing to vendors who specialize in cloud services. Business owners, IT staff members, and managers would do well to pursue the business goals rather manage employee desktops and associated software applications. A hosted virtualized desktop from Apps4Rent delivers your desktop computing environment at a low, fixed cost that is calculated on a per user basis, month-to-month and comes with 24 x 7 free end-user support.

Virtualization of Desktops in the Cloud adds Flexibility

Flexibility in IT infrastructure makes organizations more nimble. Teams are formed instantly around projects, team members work from several locations in different time zones. With hosted virtual desktops, IT staff can quickly configure the appropriate applications, change hardware resources on desktops, manage security, and administer from anywhere. It is always good to have some hosted virtual desktops around with pre-installed applications to meet changing demands. At other times, special applications and environments are needed case by case for short periods for specific users. It is easy to meet that demand with hosted dedicated desktops. Round the clock availability of the desktop infrastructure and knowledgeable support from Apps4Rent’s staff adds to the flexibility.

Desktop Hosting and Virtualization Decrease Costs

The cost savings of cloud desktop virtualization services result from speeding up business for end-users and IT staff. Timeliness and time savings are easily monetized. If your business lacks specialized IT staff, depend on a desktop hosting service provider such as Apps4Rent. Apps4Rent’s desktop hosting plans include anti-virus, regular backups, and commonly used business applications. And our competitively priced and experienced staff can install custom software applications during off-peak hours, letting employees remain productive during business hours. In many cases, virtual desktops in the cloud may eliminate the requirement of an on-premise server, the software needed for it, and the IT support required to maintain and manage it. Other cost benefits can come from: support costs are predictable with fixed monthly fee, avoidance of upfront capital costs of keeping up with the latest hardware setups and the requisite software, and desktop resources can be configured just right.

Cloud Virtualized Desktops are Very Reliable

It is very disruptive to a business if IT infrastructure becomes unavailable. The Apps4Rent virtual desktops are run from top-of-the-line SSAE16 certified data centers in New York. Apps4Rent has configured multiple fail-safe redundancies not only for data backup and power supply but also for the main internet connectivity. Besides, highly trained and experience staff manage the virtual desktops to ensure that your business has always the best thing going. Don’t be too dependent on individuals when you have the entire team from App4Rent taking care of you round the clock. All our data backups are done in an automated manner and on a daily basis, get safely stored in our highly secure data centers, and are available to you on demand. Moreover, we also perform all the software patches as well as regular software updates as we manage the entire virtual IT infrastructure 24 x 7.

Hosted Desktop Providers Improve Productivity

Virtual desktop hosting providers such as Apps4rent can help improve your organization’s productivity. Your IT team can be freed up from having to deal with troubleshooting low-level problems. They would now be able to focus on the IT needs of the core business and thus enhance their contribution. Besides, the workforce as well as the managers will be able to work from anywhere, using any device – all they would need is just a browser to stay productive from home or even while in commute. Apps4Rent Desktop-as-a-service plans begin at $24.95, on the basis of user per month basis, which makes it easy to realize a good ROI for your business. You can use your favorite full-featured business software packages that you know well and stay abreast of the latest technologies without spending top dollar for hardware or software.

Why Choose Apps4Rent

  • The best-ever prices for hosted Microsoft applications
  • Eight different solutions based on Microsoft/Citrix
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider/Gold Partner
  • Provide hosting services to over 10,000 companies.
  • Secure and reliable high-performance infrastructure
  • 24 x 7 support by phone, live chat, and email.