Case Study: Neilson PLCC, Law Firm, Jackson


Neilson PLCC is a Mississippi-based, fast-growing general practice law firm with its workforce pushing outside the walls of their offices. Besides the 12 permanent attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, they also hire summer associates and interns/clerks. The highly dynamic team needed access to the applications and information contained in the desktops even while on the move and expected the same consistent experience as the regular desktops. Being mid-sized, they are in a better position to navigate new technology than the bigger firms.

The setup of the law firm was as below:

  • Software – Rocket Matter, LexisNexis, ProLaw, Logikcull, Clio, MyCase, Prevail Case Management, HoudiniESQ, and others. MS Office applications with lots of plug-ins; Browsers with line-of-business and custom add-ons
  • Hardware – 20 PCs with 2-year old hardware and software; 15 laptops, 3 of them shared. 1 admin user PC for data backup and additional file storage

Challenges Faced by Neilson PLCC in Providing Remote Access

  1. Tied down to the existing legal practice management software
  2. Needed remote access with all existing applications and plug-ins
  3. Used many specialized applications, mostly Windows-based apps
  4. Had an enhanced need for data security, integrity and compliance
  5. Could not invest in hardware and full-fledged, in-house IT Team

How Apps4Rent Delivered the Solution

Apps4Rent virtual desktops allowed the law firm to take online all their client-related information including case descriptions, contact details, deadlines, case notes, task lists and much more. These became available to lawyers and staff, irrespective of their access location or the time; all the users needed was a browser. Our virtual desktops made even the travel time productive, which otherwise would have been “down time”. Associated functions like e-billing, contingency, collections, trust accounting, expenses, and productivity tracking could also be done from anywhere.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Legal Practice

  1. Access the practice management software from anywhere
  2. Use the desktop applications and plug-ins remotely with same ease
  3. Retain specialized applications and work in Windows environment
  4. Meet the most stringent compliances for data storing and sharing
  5. No capital investments, monthly payments with maintenance included

After moving their regular desktops to Apps4Rent virtual desktops in the Cloud, the law firm had on-the-go access to the entire desktop work environment and all its, regardless of where the people were working. Being productive on the go meant competitive advantage and the ability to meet the strategic objectives faster. The move to virtual desktops proved to be a vital decision that streamlined the practice better and increased the effectiveness.

Apps4Rent is a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider as well as a Microsoft Partner with Gold certification. We have been supporting 10,000+ businesses from over 50 countries – from Fortune 500 corporations to SMBs – with hosted technologies for more than a decade.