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    Time59 System Requirements for Cloud Hosting

    Time59, a widely used time-tracking and billing software for legal services, is tailored for independent lawyers, solo attorneys, and small law firms. It facilitates accurate billing through comprehensive tracking of working hours. Moreover, this software also offers the facility to automatically generate proper invoices —which makes the billing process simpler and faster. All aspects considered Time59 is a crucial tool for businesses—it ensures streamlined time and billing management to improve business effectiveness and organization.

    The traditional way of deploying Time59 on a desktop is now becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, with cloud hosting, users experience better performance and productivity. This technology not only ensures security but also works with minimal use of on-premises resources. Cloud deployment means there is no fear of losing data if any hardware fails, and the backup process is also automated. Thus, cloud deployment provides Time59 users with greater flexibility, security, and functionality, making their work more effective and seamless.

    Still, using less efficient on-premises resources for deploying and utilizing Time59? It’s time to transition to the cloud. According to Gartner, by 2025, over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. Now you should also think of switching to the cloud.

    Why Prefer Hosting Time59 in the Cloud?

    Understanding the rising relevance and advantages of cloud solutions is crucial before opting for cloud hosting for Time59. Cloud is a state-of-the-art technology preferred by every modern business. It can reduce the need for local IT resources and enhance efficiency, security, and performance in a secure cloud-native environment.

    Here are some key reasons to consider hosting Time59 on the cloud:

    • High Performance and Speed: Cloud hosting allows Time59 to run at higher speeds and with greater performance. This ensures that your work continues to run smoothly, without interruptions.
    • Security: Cloud services often include measures such as encryption and regular backups. Thus, you have strong security measures in place for the security of data and prevention against unauthorized access.
    • Flexibility and Scalability: On the cloud, Time59 can be easily scaled to meet growing business requirements. You can grow your cloud resources along with your business.
    • Remote Access: With cloud hosting, users can access their data and applications from anywhere. This feature is highly useful for professionals who travel or work from different locations.
    • Minimal On-Premise Resources Usage: Cloud hosting reduces the need for local resources, saving on infrastructure costs. It also reduces the number of hardware required in your office.
    • Lower IT Costs: With the reduced requirements of on-premises resources, such as hardware and IT staff, costs that go into buying and maintaining the devices and IT support get lower.

    Time59 System Requirements for Cloud and Desktop Deployment

    The system requirements for cloud and desktop deployments of Time59 may vary. Desktop deployment requires a standard Windows or Mac machine with sufficient RAM and storage space. On the other hand, cloud deployment requires a stable internet connection and a contract with a cloud service provider.

    The following table shows the system requirements for deploying Time59 on a desktop and cloud:

    Category Desktop/Local Server Cloud
    Operating System Windows 10 or later Cloud Server such as Azure
    macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later Accessible on any device/Operating System
    Linux (various distributions)
    Hardware Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent Processor: 2 vCPUs or higher
    RAM: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended) Sufficient RAM and processor capability to keep the system running
    Hard Drive: 500 MB of available space Cloud managed
    Software Web Browser: Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge Web Browser: Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
    .NET Framework (latest version for Windows) Remote Desktop Software (optional)
    Java Runtime Environment (for certain features)
    Network Local Area Network (LAN) for local server setups High-speed internet connectivity for accessing online cloud server
    Internet required for updates and synchronization  
    Security Regular backups Automated on the Cloud
    SSL certificates  
    Multi-factor authentication (MFA)  

    Why Choose Industry Experts for Time59 Cloud Hosting?

    Expert intervention is necessary to successfully deploy Time59 on the cloud as it requires the right server configuration, data migration, and security measures. Experts ensure that everything is set up correctly and there is no threat to your data. Besides everything else, an expert ensures that there is no data loss or security loopholes during Time59 deployment on the cloud.

    Host Time59 on the Cloud with Apps4Rent

    Apps4Rent is a certified Microsoft CSP (Cloud Service Partner), providing a reliable and effective solution to host your Time59 on the cloud virtual desktop. They have extensive experience in cloud migration, setup, and management, helping to deploy your software in the cloud safely and effectively.

    As a cloud hosting and data migration expert with 20 years of legacy, we can:

    • Provide customized cloud hosting solutions to suit your needs;
    • Resolve technical issues and keep your system running smoothly;
    • Perform the necessary maintenance from time to time;
    • Regularly check the system to ensure it’s up-to-date and secure.


    Dedicated Bronze

    Dedicated Silver

    Dedicated Gold

    Grid-powered RAM and
    2 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
    4 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
    8 GB RAM and
    4 vCPUs
    1 user only 1 user only Ideal for 2-5 users Ideal for 6 or more users
    5 GB SSD disk space 40 GB SSD disk space 50 GB SSD disk space 65 GB SSD disk space
    Daily data backups Daily data backups Daily data backups Daily data backups
    99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime 99.9% uptime
    24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support
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    Final Thought

    Choosing the right way to deploy Time59 on the cloud can enhance the productivity, security, and flexibility of your business. With an expert cloud hosting company like Apps4Rent, you can ensure that your Time59 system is not only working efficiently over the internet but also ensuring that your data is secure and always available. With cloud deployment, you have the best performance, security, and usability promise with Time59 hosted on the cloud.

    Apps4Rent – Tier 1 Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider


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