Why Choose Us

At Apps4Rent, we believe that as a user of hosted desktops, you should not be burdened with the management of IT infrastructure and its demands on your time and involvement. You should be free to focus on your core business opportunities as your hosted desktop gets managed, maintained and supported 24/7. And it should be provided from a reliable and secure infrastructure, at a cost lower than doing it all on your own.

Proven Leader in Microsoft Software Hosting

Over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, have leveraged our desktop and other hosting solutions. We have been providing Virtual Desktops/Managed Desktops as DaaS coupled with infrastructure management for more than 10 years. Our clients, from individuals to small enterprises to huge organizations, come to us from 50+ countries across the continents.

Desktop Infrastructure Managed by Experts

The entire infrastructure of the Desktop environment is managed by a team of experts. Our technology team includes senior engineers who are Microsoft-certified or have worked with Microsoft under various capacities.

True 24 x 7 x 365 Support

We provide true 24 x 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail to end users too. Our Virtual Desktops/VDI’s and Citrix environments are fully managed environments and include 24 x 7 monitoring of essential services. We perform upgrades, install patches for pre-installed applications and OS, as well as manage critical parameters like RAM usage, Disk Usage and others. With the best response time in the industry, we respond to almost all cases within the first 15 minutes; depending upon the nature and complexity of the issues, resolutions are provided within 1 hour.

Competitive Pricing with Pay-as-you-go Plans

We have the most competitive pricing in the industry. Managed offerings at such an attractive price-point can save you more than 50% of cost when compared to other providers. Besides, with our VDI offering you don’t need to buy VDIs for every user. You buy one VDI and more users can be added to the same VDI allowing you to save a lot more.

Control Panel for Self-provisioning and Management of the VDIs

We offer a self-service control panel to all our VDI clients through which they can directly order, track and manage all their virtual machines from a single point. Various tasks like changing passwords, adding plans, deploying and executing applications, and upgrading/downgrading end-users can be easily done through the control panel.

Built for Various Verticals, Compatible with Almost All Applications

With our offerings like the VDIs, you can install applications based on your needs. For example, you could install your accounting applications like Drake, Sage, QuickBooks and other finance/auditing software. You could also use CAD applications like SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer aka Creo, CATIA, SolidEdge and UNIGRAPHICS online. Similarly, graphic designers could install their favorite software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Serfi Draw, Corel Paintshop, Xara, Cyberlink PhotoDirector and more. If you are a developer looking to install your custom applications, you could install them along with your various development tools.

Best Service and Reliability

We provide 99.9% uptime availability for our Desktop offerings and our service includes pro-active monitoring of the Virtual Desktop and VDI infrastructure. Critical parameters like RAM and disk usage are fully monitored 24 x 7 and backups are done on daily incremental and weekly full basis. All patches and upgrades for OS and applications are performed by us, thereby saving your valuable time.

Meeting the Highest Security Standards

Connections between your users’ device/computer/laptop/browser and our Virtual Desktops/VDIs are encrypted via SSL to avoid data sniffing. All data passes through our IPS enabled CISCO ASAs. Also, our entire environment is hosted in a SSAE16 certified datacenter.

Significant Savings with Our Offerings

Our offering includes OS and Office Suite licensing thereby saving you huge upfront licensing costs. Besides, since the environment is managed by us, we can complement your internal IT department which saves them time for focusing on your core business requirements. This, combined with our pay-as-you-go model, makes for significant savings.