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    What Are the System Requirements of Trialworks?

    With an abundance of case management software available at law firms’ disposal, TrialWorks emerges as a game-changing solution without asking hefty upfront costs for its enterprise-level capabilities. The brainchild of seasoned trial attorneys, TrialWorks is a feature-packed legal case management suite developed to manage more trials smoothly and straightforwardly.

    Because it operates with an internet connection and computer access, the platform allows attorneys to access case-associated materials on the go—from anywhere and at any time. Read on to discover the platform’s unparalleled support in managing complex case-related activities. We’ll cover its features, followed by essential system requirements to keep TrialWorks running smoothly.

    Why Take Legal Matters to TrialWorks: A Look Into Its Features

    Here’s a rundown of what this powerful case management software offers.

    • Smart Scheduling: It is a common sight for law firms to encounter difficulties in managing events and other important case-related dates. TrialWorks’ centralized calendar provides a comprehensive view of upcoming deadlines and appointments, making it easier for attorneys on board to stay organized and on track. The platform lets users set rules and triggers for deadlines and reminders based on case events or court hearings.
    • Advance Bill Management: Building on the platform’s support for legal professionals, time tracking and billing are also big deals. With this, users get to keep track of billable hours and expenses and create client invoices while syncing with accounting software for a simple way to manage finances.
    • On-The-Go File Manager: Reliable software must provide professionals with the safest option to categorize and access case-related resources at any given time. This is where TrialWorks excels. The platform offers a centralized repository where all the resources are stored and can only be accessed through admin permissions.
    • A Few Add-Ons: TrialWorks makes teamwork easy with built-in chat, file sharing, and task assignment, helping the involved members communicate their case strategy.
      It’s flexible enough for different specialties like medical malpractice and employment law.

    System Requirements of TrailWorks

    With some highlights of the software covered briefly above, let’s now check out the key system requirements necessary to keep TrialWorks running smoothly.

    Parameter Workstation Server
    OS Windows 7 (Professional or Ultimate), Windows 8 (Pro), Windows 10 (Pro) Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
    Processor Dual Core Quad Core
    Memory 2 GB Minimum 8GB Minimum for a dedicated server. 16GB Minimum for a shared server with at least 1GB of RAM not in use by other server processes.
    Disk Space 40 GB Minimum

    As far as software requirements are concerned:

    For Workstations:

    The necessary software comprises Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit MSI installation, Microsoft Office 2013/2016 32-bit MSI/Click-to-run installation, Corel WordPerfect 9+ for document generation, and .Net Framework 3.5.

    For Servers:

    Meanwhile, Server requirements include .NET 3.51, Windows Installer 4.5, PowerShell 2.0, and SQL 2008/2012/2014 Express R2.

    A common requirement when accessing either the Workstation or Server is that, since the platform is cloud-native, you’ll want a decent internet connection.

    Count on Apps4Rent as Your Trusted Partner for Hosting TrialWorks

    Legal teams face the challenge of complex cases, which hinder them in managing tasks and optimizing their workflows. Enter trial management software like TrialWorks, a platform that has earned widespread recognition within the legal community.

    Apps4Rent knows just how to help you tap into the fullest potential of this legal case management platform. We become your go-to for getting TrialWorks up and functioning flawlessly.

    As veterans in the business, we’ll handle everything from tweaking the cloud desktop setup for TrialWorks to sorting out software installs and moving your data hassle-free. To further enhance our support, we’ll also give you the lowdown on how to make the most of TrialWorks.

    Apps4Rent – Tier 1 Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider


    Virtual Desktop

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