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    MoneyWorks Accounting Software System Requirements

    Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Cognito’s MoneyWorks is a complete package of accounting software. For Mac and PC, it is offered as on-premise and cloud-based software versions. The platform provides an array of functionalities that cater to different business requirements. These include general ledger administration, tax monitoring, item pricing, budgeting, accounts receivable and payable, sales analysis, and personalized form creation. You may be a businessman looking to implement MoneyWorks accounting software for your business but may be wondering what system requirements are needed to run this application. This blog post will discuss the essential prerequisites for your system to achieve optimal performance with MoneyWorks accounting software.

    What Are the System Requirements for MoneyWorks Accounting Software?

    One of the reasons MoneyWorks accounting software is highly sorted by businesses of all sizes is its robust features and user-friendly interface. As useful as this app is, you must ensure your system meets the required criteria before procuring it. Highlighted below are the minimum requirements that your system must meet to enjoy a seamless experience with Moneyworks.

    • Operating system: The application is compatible with Windows 7/ Windows Server 2012 or higher and macOS 10.13 or upward on Apple systems. However, 64-bit Windows is needed to run MoneyWorks Datacenter on Windows while other MoneyWorks client apps are available for Windows 32- and 64-bit operating systems. Also, to run the MoneyWorks Gold 64-bit version requires Windows 10 or later.
    • Processor: With Intel Core i5 or equivalent, MoneyWorks accounting software performs optimally.
    • RAM: The required RAM for this app is 4GB or higher and a hard disk space of at least 3x the available RAM – that is 12GB of free space.
    • Screen resolution: A minimum resolution of 1024×768 or higher is needed.
    • Internet connection: Required for activation, software updates, and cloud features.

    Benefits of Hosting MoneyWorks in the Cloud

    Once your system meets the system specifications that have been previously listed, MoneyWorks can easily be installed locally on your laptop/desktop but choosing to host MoneyWorks in the cloud has various advantages for your business. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Accessibility: When you host MoneyWorks in the cloud, you are not limited to a single workspace as you can access MoneyWorks from anywhere with an internet connection. This helps facilitate collaboration among business partners and promotes remote work.
    • Scalability: As the needs of your business change, hosting MoneyWorks on the cloud allows you to easily adapt and scale your resources up or down. Hence, the cost is reduced while still maintaining an optimal performance.
    • Data security: The likelihood of losing business-sensitive information as a result of hacking, cyber-attacks, or data breaches is greatly reduced when you host MoneyWorks in the cloud. Cloud hosting providers make use of complex layers of security to effectively safeguard your data.
    • Automatic updates: With cloud hosting, you will always have access to the latest features of MoneyWorks. The updates are applied automatically by the provider therefore saving you the stress of frequent manual updates.

    Apps4Rent Can Host MoneyWorks Accounting Software

    Although MoneyWorks accounting software offers a plethora of functionality, using it on a standard laptop or desktop has certain restrictions. You can lose out on the sweet benefits of hosting MoneyWorks in the cloud if your system doesn’t match the standards. It’s possible that your system doesn’t meet them at all.

    Apps4Rent and other cloud hosting companies give organizations the chance to properly utilize MoneyWorks to the fullest extent possible. Businesses can quickly grow their resources as their needs change and access their data from anywhere in the world using Apps4Rent hosting services. This is possible with any device or browser. Apps4Rent offers the greatest platform for hosting Moneyworks accounting software, with sophisticated security measures in place, automatic upgrades, and round-the-clock customer assistance. Contact our support team with any queries you may have about hosting plans. They are available by phone, chat, and email around the clock.

    Apps4Rent – Tier 1 Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider


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