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Hosted Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

DaaS Lets You Access Your Desktop and Applications from Anywhere, Anytime!

A hosted virtual desktop service from Apps4Rent is a low-cost way to move your desktop and applications to the Cloud. End-users can access the hosted desktop anytime from anywhere, with a variety of devices. Give your staff access to all their Windows desktop applications, including Microsoft Office and line-of-business software across a wide range of industries like tax, finance, accounting (QuickBooks), law, healthcare, software development and more – all with a smooth desktop experience. Our hosted dedicated virtual desktops now come with Office 365 as an add-on option so that you can have anywhere access to all your favorite Office applications as well. Apps4Rent is a premier Desktop as a Service provider that offers 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email.

DaaS using Microsoft and Citrix Virtualization Technologies

Apps4Rent’s Desktop as a Service solutions use the latest technologies for virtualization from two top vendors – Microsoft and Citrix. For each vendor, there are two available modes for the hosted desktop service: session-based and dedicated. In the session-based mode, the applications are installed only by Apps4Rent staff, and depending on the package certain applications come pre-installed. In the dedicated option, subscribers can self-install any custom desktop applications of their choice. The dedicated desktops also deliver enhanced performance in graphic-intensive applications.

Easily Manage Hosted Desktops – Built-in Reliability, Security, and Backups

Hosted Virtual Desktop Services – Inexpensive, Month-to-Month, No Contract

With the latest advancements and developments in virtual desktop technologies, it has become easier for business to make the shift from regular desktops to cloud desktops. The virtual hosted desktops offer the same kind of experience as regular desktops. Whether you are an end-user or IT admin, you can quickly and easily access your cloud desktop using RDP, which is available across devices such as PCs, Macs, Linux desktops, phones, tablets, and thin clients. The local devices such as printers, USB connected devices, and multiple monitors work smoothly.

The benefits of virtual desktops and business desktop applications hosted on Apps4Rent’s servers are many. To give a few examples, you can access them from anywhere, you get a consistent experience for the applications across different devices, you can add or remove virtual desktops as per needs, and of course, save a lot of money due to their low costs. Sign up and find out for yourself!

Case Studies of Our Virtual Desktops Across Industries

Tax and Accounts
Denver, Colorado
The accounting and tax firm wanted to adopt the cloud technology for desktops in order to save recurring costs and enhance the capability of its teams to work from remote locations County Medical Center.
Citizens Medical Center
Rochester, NY
The medical center had to balance the upgrade costs of desktops with the compliance requirements of HIPAA and HITECH. They decided to go in for cloud-based virtual desktops with Apps4Rent.
Legal Firm
Jackson, Mississippi
The partners wanted their law applications and data on their regular desktops to be available from anywhere, using the cloud. They needed an IT partner that knew the working of law firms well.
Web Designers
Bay Area, SFO
The designers and developers team wanted their work to be available for review to all the stakeholders from different locations through virtual desktops on the cloud, while ensuring data security and safety.

Virtual Desktop Plans and Pricing

Try a Virtual Desktop risk-free for 15 days. Once comfortable, add more desktops in the cloud.

Virtual Desktop
Virtual Desktop Bronze
Virtual Desktop Silver
Virtual Desktop Gold

SSD Disk

SSD Disk

SSD Disk

SSD Disk
$22.46/mo. for Annual Payments
$22.46/mo. for Annual Payments
$35.96/mo. for Annual Payments
$67.46/mo. for Annual Payments
tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days tryfor15days
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Open Office + optional
Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Grid-powered,fully-burstable RAM and vCPU Dedicated 2 GB RAM and
2 vCPU
Dedicated 4 GB RAM and
2 vCPUs
Dedicated 8 GB RAM and
4 vCPUs
Pre-installed applications
for tighter control
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
Freedom to install own
Customizable for 50+ Order Option to add GPU Option to add GPU Option to add GPU
1 user included in the above price, Option to add users 1 user included in the above price, No add-on users Optional add-on user possible ($16/user/month) Optional add-on user possible ($16/user/month)
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Azure-Based Desktop
WVD Bronze

$81/mo. for Annual Payments
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Includes Windows 10 + Optional Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
Dedicated 4 GB RAM and
2 vCPUs
Freedom to install own
Option to add GPU
Optional add-on user possible ($35/user/month)
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Advantages of DaaS, Desktop-as-a-Service

DaaS benefits from the latest trends in IT – the expectation of anytime anywhere access to business applications through a variety of smart devices, hardware virtualization, cloud hosted services, and outsourcing to specialized lower cost vendors. Business owners, IT staff members, and managers can focus their time and efforts on pursuing business goals rather dealing with employee desktops and associated software applications. A hosted virtualized Desktop as a Service from Apps4Rent delivers your desktop computing environment with 24 x 7 end-user support – at low costs billed on per-user basis.

Desktop Services in the Cloud are More Flexible

To survive in today’s business environment, organizations need to be flexible. Teams are formed dynamically around projects, team members work from multiple locations in several time zones. With hosted desktops, IT staff can quickly provision the right applications, increase hardware resources on desktops, control security, and administer from anywhere. It is always good to have some hosted virtual desktops handy with pre-installed applications to meet fluctuating demands. At other times, special applications and environments are needed case by case for short periods for specific users. It is easy to meet that demand with hosted dedicated desktops. Round the clock availability of the desktop infrastructure and knowledgeable support from Apps4Rent’s staff adds to the flexibility.

Services and Desktop Hosting Together Lower Costs

The cost savings for virtual desktop services come primarily from getting things done faster for end-users and IT staff. And the savings in time and timeliness is worth a lot of money. Using a desktop hosting service provider such as Apps4Rent is suitable for offices where specialized IT staff is scarce. Apps4Rent’s desktop as a service hosting packages include anti-virus, regular backups, and popular applications. And our competitively priced and experienced staff can install custom software applications during off-peak hours, letting employees remain productive during business hours. In many cases, having virtual desktops in the cloud means doing away with the requirement of having a server in-house, maintaining it with all the necessary support and software updates. The costs are predictable in the form of monthly subscriptions and you do not have to spend capital on buying hardware or software; it also results in optimization of the desktop resources to match the needs of the hour.

Cloud Desktops with Service Reliability

Nothing can disrupt a business like critical IT infrastructure shutting down. Recognizing this, Apps4Rent host their virtual desktop systems in the most-developed data centers in US that are SSAE16 Type II certified. Every component has a redundant backup, right from the power supply to connection to the internet backbone connection to even the staff who manage it – Apps4Rent Has spared no efforts to ensure that your business keeps running smoothly. Don’t be too dependent on individuals when you have a whole team from Apps4Rent working for you round the clock. We have configured the daily backups to happen automatically and get stored in our secure data center. We also monitor and manage the software patches and regular updates 24 x 7 for the virtual IT infrastructure.

DaaS Providers Improve Productivity

Desktop as a Service providers such as Apps4Rent can help improve productivity. It frees up your internal IT team from being occupied with day-to-day troubleshooting tasks. They can now focus on actively being involved in the IT requirements of your core business. Moreover, having a virtual cloud hosted desktop means that your entire team, managers, and the stakeholders will become productive even when they are at a remote location, home, or travelling. They will be able to use the virtual desktop with a consistent experience, no matter where they access it from or which device they use. Windows DaaS plans from Apps4Rent start at as low as $24.95 a month for each user and this lowest pricing will further add to the ROI. With our virtual desktops, you can use your favorite full-featured business software packages that you have invested in. Moreover, you no longer will have to invest in upgrading your hardware to keep up with the demands of the latest software.

Why Choose Apps4Rent

  • Lowest-cost plans for hosted Microsoft software
  • Eight different solutions based on Microsoft/Citrix
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider/Gold Partner
  • Provide hosting services to over 10,000+ companies
  • Secure and reliable high-performance infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 Support by phone, live chat, and email