Bypass Desktop/Laptop Restrictions at Home or Office

dubble tapThere are good reasons why your business desktop or laptop or you home computer may have restrictions in place. At work, the company system administrator is paranoid about security and in the process may block perfectly legitimate applications and web sites. At home, you may want to protect your children and may have installed parental restrictions.
But there are times that you simply need to access a Windows application or website that is inadvertently blocked. You may be on the road and carrying only the company laptop.

Or you may need to use your favorite Windows application and you do not have the time to chase down your IT guy to install it for you. In other cases, you are working from a home PC and do not want to change the parental controls that you have painfully

An easy way out is a subscription to a virtual desktop in the Cloud. Install the applications you want on your Cloud desktop and access them from anywhere. If the company laptop does not permit, use your tablet or smart phone to access the Windows applications. Get your job done and move onto the next task. A cloud Desktop allows you to break free from the chains.